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EQHO recently completes “Chao Fah Nak Anurak” documentary series in collaboration with True Visions

EQHO Globalization Pte. Ltd. recently completed the first phase of its collaboration with True Visions to create English and Simplified…

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EQHO Ranked Among Asia’s Largest Language Services Providers

Independent market research firm, Common Sense Advisory, recognizes EQHO as a leader in $40.27 billion global industry EQHO Globalization Pte. Ltd. announced today its official ranking…

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Uncovering the Hidden Costs of Translation & Localization: A Quick Take

Introduction -- What are the Hidden Costs? Where are they Hiding?Picture this: Your management team has spent countless months analyzing,…

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Are there enough bilingual people? A business consideration

Nearly two-thirds of UK firms recognize the need for foreign language skills. The annual CBI/Pearson Education and Skills Survey 2014 underlines the importance of hiring polyglots…

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Taking Your Content Global – Six Top Tips

Taking Your Content Global - Six Top Tips

Creating source content that will be translated into multiple languages presents a number of challenges. By spending a bit of time…

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What To Expect From Your Translation Service Provider

What to expect from your translation service provider

So, you have some engaging literature to promote your latest product or service, you’ve done your market research and you…

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Preparing For A Voiceover Project Hand-Off

Preparing For A Voiceover Project Hand-Off

Voiceover projects require a high degree of skill and organization in order to be successful.Aside from the work that is…

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Why Are Translation And Localization Services So Important?

Why are translation and localization services so important?

The world feels like it's forever shrinking as technology draws people closer together from all around the globe - language…

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