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Multilingual SEO for global brands

Multilingual SEO - SEO Translation

You are aware that your business must transcreate its message as you broaden your digital horizons. Multilingual SEO is an…

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Building a Powerful Localization Strategy for Less Money

Developing your webpages and mobile apps for localized markets is, ironically, the way to most effectively expand your commercial outreach. If…

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How Do I Translate My Website on a Budget?

Website Translation

Tens of thousands of new business websites make their way onto the Internet every single day. With this kind of competition, wide…

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Machine Translation vs. Transcreation

Website Translation and Machine Translation

Website translation and localization is rapidly gaining traction in every corner of the world as businesses seek to expand their…

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Top tips for website translation

Website Translation Top Tips

As the business world opens up into the global community, your online marketing must shrink into local communities. Those communities…

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Getting to market faster with minimum viable content (MVC)

MVC - Minimum Viable Content - Website Translation

Iterative processes are fast losing ground to the continuous improvement philosophy. What does this mean for your business? Many things,…

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Translation vs. Transcreation – Marketing Internationally

The global marketplace is now a reality. With this new reality comes new concepts of how we all do business.…

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Languages & Markets (Which languages should I translate to?)

Website translation or localization is an effective tool that can have many benefits for your company, including increasing global reach;…

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Taking Your Content Global – Six Top Tips

Taking Your Content Global - Six Top Tips

Creating source content that will be translated into multiple languages presents a number of challenges. By spending a bit of time…

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Uncovering the Hidden Costs of Translation & Localization: A Quick Take

Introduction -- What are the Hidden Costs? Where are they Hiding?Picture this: Your management team has spent countless months analyzing,…

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