Global travel growth and website localization

Increase global sales conversion by 400%,
Reach 99.9% of global online travel buyers,
Enjoy 8 times better customer retention rates

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You’ll learn about:

  • Global travel trends – helping you decide which languages to target
  • The concept of ‘Can’t read, Won’t buy’ – and see which for countries English-only content just doesn’t work
  • Opportunities in underserved languages – so you don’t always have to go head-to-head with the big guns
  • What to translate – to help you make the biggest splash for the least investment
  • Human Translation vs. Machine Translation – to help you maximize scalability for the best price and quality level
  • The anatomy of a positive multilingual online experience – to help you provide the best possible user experience
  • Search engines and multilingual SEO – to help highlight that it isn’t necessarily always about Google, really
  • Localization and social media – is it all about Facebook? Maybe not
  • Cultural awareness – to understand the influence of color, images and other elements in different markets
  • Multilingual follow-up support – it might be a no-brainer, but you wouldn’t believe how many organization neglect local customer support
  • 15 travel localization best-practices – to help you make a start when going global!

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  • 74% of business travelers plan travel through the internet

    Key Travel Stats

    of business travelers plan travel through the internet.
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  • 60% of leisure travelers use the web for inspiration

    Key Travel Stats

    of leisure travelers use the web for inspiration.
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  • 33% of global travel companies are currently translating content

    Key Travel Stats

    of global travel companies are currently translating content and only…
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  • 50% of global travel companies have a multilingual strategy

    Key Travel Stats

    of global travel companies have a multilingual strategy.
    See more stats like these
  • Trusted by some of the biggest names in global travel

    When it comes to the travel sector, many of the most well known brands are powered by EQHO’s translations including:

    Sheraton Amadeus Dusit Agoda
    Wotif Expedia AsiaRooms
    W Hotels Marriott Hilton Trip Advisor

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    Why EQHO?

    The guys at EQHO are true experts in localization. We have completed multiple projects with the team, with each being delivered on time and with a high level of quality. The transparency of their process from sales through to execution is fantastic, meaning that as the client you get exactly what you want! I would highly recommend the team at EQHO for any localization projects.


    Matt Varley, Executive General Manager (Asia) for Wotif Group

    About EQHO

    EQHO is an industry leading translation and localization company with representation in Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Sweden, Czech Republic and the United States. Specializing in translations for the travel sector, we have translation teams distributed across over 60 countries. With the use of industry leading translation technology, we can often reduce client translation costs and speed up delivery times by as much as 50%, while at the same time providing the high quality and scalability that the travel sector demands.

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    If your business is based in the travel sector and want to ensure that your company and the services it offers, are being clearly communicated to your clients and potential clients, then localization is the key to success. To find out more about the options available, as well as to get advice and guidance from our expert team, contact EQHO today.

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