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Accurate and reliable cross-platform medical localization solutions

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Medical localization

Success in the medical industry relies on getting high-quality products and services to market ahead of the competition. There are a number of challenges to be faced along the way, including stringent regulatory approval, product testing and global branding, in an overcrowded sector that is becoming increasingly internationalized. Research and development may be the cornerstone of successful healthcare firms, but streamlining content creation and the localization processes is just as crucial for companies wishing to compete in the global healthcare market.

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EQHO offers accurate, high-quality medical localization solutions in over 50 languages across multiple formats and platforms:

  • Documents & manuals –User guides, quick-start guides, operator and maintenance manuals

  • Software & mobile applications– UI, system GUI, online help

  • Instructions & training materials– Instructions for use (IFUs), informed consent forms (ICFs), summary of product characteristics (SPCs), training documentation, medical eLearning

  • Product materials– Data sheets, product information, inner and outer packaging, labels, instruction documents for patients and doctors

  • Research documents– Reports, dossiers, regulatory documentation

  • Marketing– Websites & ecommerce platforms, video product demos, brochures and pamphlets, product catalogues

Services for medical localization

  • Medical terminology management

  • Multilingual style guide creation

  • Translation & back-translation

  • Desktop publishing

  • Graphics localization

  • Multilingual voiceover

  • Subtitling & closed captions

  • Video dubbing

  • Linguistic testing & in-country review

  • Translation Memory creation and alignment

With our wide range of medical localization services and solutions, EQHO can offer healthcare firms the complete localization package – from product R&D, clinical trials and training through to multilingual product marketing and promotion.

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Whether you would like to learn more about how medical localization can help your business thrive in the international market, or are ready to start a localization project, the team at EQHO will be happy to help.

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