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How to Evolve Your Content Strategy When Entering New Markets

Think about your content as an extension of your company — because it is one. Content marketing can be positioned…

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Multimedia Localization: The Pros and Cons of Voiceover, Subtitles and Closed Captioning

Have you ever wondered about videos and how they choose which ones have voice overs, which ones have subtitles, and…

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3 Steps You Can Take to Avoid Voice-Over & Dubbing Pick-Ups

Pick-ups are a dreaded outcome of multilingual voice-over recording projects. Professionals in video localization all have their stories of experiences…

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How Deep Do You Have to Localize to Crack the Chinese Market?

China is doing its best to position itself as a unique entity both politically and commercially, with great success on…

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How Do I Translate My Website on a Budget?

Website Translation

Tens of thousands of new business websites make their way onto the Internet every single day. With this kind of competition, wide…

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The Future of Voice-Over, Dubbing & Subtitling Localization — 2019 and Beyond

It is an exciting time for brands that make the most of voice-over, subtitling and dubbing – there are many…

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Top Tips For Website Translation

Website Translation Top Tips

As the business world opens up into the global community, your online marketing must shrink into local communities. Those communities…

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Building a Powerful Localization Strategy for Less Money

Developing your webpages and mobile apps for localized markets is, ironically, the way to most effectively expand your commercial outreach. If…

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Localization: The Example of Netflix in Northern Europe

As far as media entertainment goes, Netflix is the number one case study for accelerated and high engagement. Many peoples…

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A Summary of 2018’s Media Localization Report

Content digitalization is big money now and moving forward, finds Slator in its 2018 Media Localization Report. As an industry,…

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