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Subject-matter Expert (SME) – Games

Seeking Battle Hardened Gamers who have the drive and passion to guide the localization process so that it meets the demand of the Local Market.


  • Support the development of game-specific terminology.

  • Provide Consultation to Project team to address in game specific Language, Functional and Cultural issues

  • Be the Final Gate Keeper(Reviewer) to ensure that translation and other translated game assets meet the requirements of the target market


  • Good command of English and Thai Native

  • Work from home on a freelance basis

  • Must own Console, Devices or Computers that meet the Recommended Specification of games released in 2014

  • At least 3 years’ experience playing TCG or similar games on PC/MAC and own card sets that are as long in period

  • At least 2 years’ experience playing at least 2 other genre of games(RPG, RTS, FPS, Simulation etc.) on multiple platforms (Console, Mobile, Web etc.)

Are ready to answer the CALL to ACTION and setup the RAID? Send your English resume listing your gaming triumphs, Character stats and Experiences on top of the usual non-gaming information.

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