Adobe Cloud: What is it and why is it useful?

Technology9 May 20143k

Would you like to be able to access, view and share creative files from virtually any internet-connected device?

If the answer is yes, you'll probably be interested in Adobe Cloud, as the software offers businesses the chance to do exactly this. 

Armed with a host of creative tools and services, including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, the desktop application offers best in class facilities for photography, video, audio and design.

Get creative 

Everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousand words and this is especially true when it comes to branding, so mastering these tools to develop custom images will be central to your success.

Once you have downloaded the software onto a PC, Adobe Cloud can be used as long as your monthly/annual subscription is maintained. Best of all, it is available in multiple languages!

Because it uses cloud technology, a move that has slowly been introduced over the past few years, people are able to access files from any location, while they can also be downloaded onto a local hard drive and worked on without an internet connection.

Why use Adobe Cloud? 

Apart from the fact it brings together a suite of creative tools and applications, Adobe Cloud can also help you to develop an amazing website. Whether it's images or videos, functions such as the auto-patch tool can transform the material. 

It also allows you to develop sites with smartphone, tablet, and other mobile environments in mind. You can offer a Fluid Grid layout and this means content will be rearranged so it is aesthetically pleasing in mobile format.

A review of the software in PC World was very complimentary about the possibilities it offers. "If you're looking to take your online presence to the next level, and you have the time to learn how to use it, Adobe's Creative Cloud delivers a powerful set of tools for producing rich, mobile friendly websites and apps," it stated. 


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