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EQHO’s custom website & eCommerce localization solutions help you to increase online conversions and grow global revenues by providing exceptional local user web experiences


While creating an online presence in English is an ideal place to start, if you really want to make the most of what the internet has to offer, then you should consider expanding your online presence to reach global audiences – after all, statistics demonstrate that the majority of the world’s population don’t buy from websites which are not in their native language.



of online buyers only buy from websites presenting information in their native language.


of online buyers are more likely to buy a product if information is available in their own language.

Our services


At EQHO, we specialize in providing professional website localization services for clients across the globe.

From product descriptions, through to company information, blog content and support pages, the translated content that we provide will help to build trust and establish your company as a worldwide brand and set you apart from your competitors.

Rich-media web solutions

As well as translating and localizing text-based websites, we also run a centralized production model that includes a state-of-art VoiceOver and multimedia localization lab; the ideal facility for localizing media rich websites and video contents. Our in-house engineers, programmers, linguists and support staff can manage projects involving a wide range of technologies, dynamic ecommerce portals, HTML5, Flash and other rich-media and provide rigorous testing across different operating systems and web browsers to ensure the perfect user experience


EQHO has enabled some of the world’s leading eCommerce companies to connect with an increasingly multicultural audience of customers and employees. Specialty areas include:

  • Travel
  • Consumer goods
  • Fashion
  • Food and beverage
  • Consumer electronics
Product descriptions at scale

We appreciate that not all content is created equally. This is why we provide a range of solutions ranging from full human translation right through to fully automated website translation solutions. For product descriptions, user created content, and customer reviews it is neither necessary nor scalable to provide human translation. Instead, we provide a suite of automated translation solutions, with varying levels of human editing input depending on quality and cost requirements

Deliver native customer experiences across the buying journey to the heart of your brands

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Translate your websites quickly and easily

Proxy, server and API solutions mean less reliance on developers  

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Maintain consistent brand identity

Online terminology tools, style guides and sound processes ensure your global websites are consistent  

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Get found on multilingual search engines

Expert marketing translators craft your message while adhering to on-page SEO best-practices  

EQHO enables you to translate all types of online content to ensure each and every interaction is multilingual. Regardless of media and platforms, we can provide value by helping you connect with your global customers at every touch point in the buyer journey, wherever they are located in the world, whichever device they may be using, and in whatever language they speak.

Key offerings

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Internationalization Assessments

A suite of services to assess if your site is ready to go global, and a range of recommendations 

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Voiceover and Subtitling

More than translation, all localized content is screened to ensure that it makes the biggest impact in your target markets 

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AI-powered Translation, Human Editing

Machine Translation technology combined with human editing enables us to provide large-scale solutions for non-critical content 

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Translation API’s enable you to automate content hands offs and integrate translations into your standard business workflow 

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Terminology Management

Automated terminology tools enable our translators to control terminology across all website platforms 

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Multilingual SEO Guides

Multilingual guides enable your brand to shine across all locations, departments, media and languages on all search engines in customers’ native languages 


Your story. Told locally. Transcreation by local copywriters

We know your MarCom team has put in the late nights to deliver pitch-perfect, on-brand copy. That’s why we our local copywriters craft beautiful copy that captures the essence of your brand.

Suitable for
  • Creative marketing copy
  • Downloadable brochures
  • White papers
  • Hero banners
  • AdWords copy


Native translation with separate editing by native-speaking subject-specialists.

Engage your customers with beautifully crafted local copy that captures the essence of your brand. They’ll feel the difference.

Suitable for
  • User interface
  • Corporate videos
  • Blog articles
  • Web forms
  • Emails
  • Legal
  • T&Cs


Non-critical High volume content, Hybrid human + technology

Domain-specific translation engines built and trained by humans. Always learning. Always on.

Suitable for
  • Product descriptions
  • User manuals
  • Other structured content

Find out more

Whether you’re preparing to release a new piece of software, or are looking to realize the full potential of your existing products on an international level, the team at EQHO can help

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