eLearning Development

Effortlessly integrate corporate eLearning solution into training programs.


Effortlessly integrate corporate eLearning solution into training programs. From instructional guide video, interactive or gamification, EQHO eLearning Development brings you A-to-Z package for employees to acquire selective skills conducted by MNCs for professionals in global standards.

Acknowledging that corporate eLearning trends are constantly changing to adapt with emerging future workforce, EQHO eLearning Development is designed to help your employees gain better knowledge and skills. You set the objectives to improve employee engagement, EQHO handles the rest, from analysis of process to delivering the completed course.

Check out our samples of eLearning gamification features below.

Why choose EQHO?

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Cost effective

EQHO eLearning optimizes your return-on-investment by creating electronic training program and decrease training material costs 

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Productivity boosted

Increase employees’ productivity by effective & interactive training program, leave the old traditional style of learning behind 

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Insightful learning experience

Gain understanding of your training by visualized contents with gamifications and quizzes 

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Real-time access for everyone

100% of employee can have real-time access to eLearning anywhere, even without Internet access 

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All-in-one training platform

EQHO eLearning allows you to create a standardized process and consistency in the delivery of content 

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Better knowledge management

eLearning incorporates tools that allow collaboration and conversation, help capturing organizational knowledge 

Development Process


Analyze & Define










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With extensive training experience from SMEs in compliance, onboarding, leadership development, EQHO eLearning Development provides premium package in multilingual digital learning content delivery that fits your business, either by software applications or web-based platforms…

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