Multilingual Voiceover

EQHO provides premium quality voiceover and subtitling localization solutions in over 65 languages


Localizing voiceover presents a unique set of challenges – from ensuring consistent messaging and comprehension to cost and time issues.

Taking advantage of local expatriate and multi-ethnic communities, as well as its long history of production and expertise in the film industry, EQHO provides multi-language solutions from its in-house professional recording facilities. We’ve been in the business for 20 years and have produced for some of the biggest names in business, games and entertainment.

Why choose EQHO?

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Range of voice actors

We have a wide variety of voice actors – for eLearning narrations, business presentations, infomercials, commercials, games, movies. You name it! 

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Including pronunciation guide development, script directors and native quality assurance as standard, which for you, means we hit the mark first go. 

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It’s all royalty free!

Whether your recording is destined for an elearning course or a commercial you own full rights to the recording, period. 

Looking to voice your
latest game release?

We work directly with voice actors in our own professional in-house studios following tried and tested recording practices, enabling us to maintain project control and quality. All studios are equipped with the latest high-end sound equipment.

Our processes 3 easy steps



At the beginning of every project, we first scan the script for booby traps. This includes potential word mispronunciations as well as a review of how the script has been written – ideally for spoken purposes. Our team provides samples of the most suitable talents for you to choose from for your production.



Lights, camera, action! Recording takes place in our professional studio with a script director and professional sound engineer. The script director, native to the language being recorded, directs and ensures that the talent gives the best performance humanly possible. The sound engineer ensures that it sounds amazing.



The audio is cleaned of pops and breaths until the file is as clean as a proverbial whistle, and is then reviewed again by a native speaker to ensure no mishaps have occurred during the cleaning. Once the file naming is signed-off, we deliver the audio to you via file sharing.

Our portfolios

Professional studios

Our professional in-house studio facilities enable us to provide a high-level of service and project control, while sticking to budgets and timescales. Affiliated in-country studios worldwide enable us to manage entire projects regardless of how uncommon the language set, how many languages there are and however short the deadline may be.

Multimedia Localization

Scalability & versatility

We offer a wide range of audio recording solutions. From single talent eLearning courses, documentary narrations and infomercials, to multi-character, multi-language productions with over 100 voice artists, EQHO has the talent range and versatility to accommodate virtually any project.

Voiceover Artists

Casting and customized demos

For all of the languages that we offer, we have a range of samples (including narration, character & IVR) for clients to choose from. If you wish to cast particular talents for your projects to see how they perform with an excerpt of your script, we can accommodate the creation of custom demos.

Get involved in the production

In all areas of localization, clients are becoming savvier and a result they wish to participate in the process. Audio production is no different, and more and more clients and end clients now wish to be involved in the recording process. EQHO has the latest equipment to accommodate this, including phone patch and Skype in the studio and control rooms.


Find out more

To learn more about multimedia localization, or any of the other services offered by EQHO, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. A member of our team will be happy to answer any questions that you may have and provide advice on how best to get your project started.

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