Multimedia Localization

EQHO’s in-house multimedia lab, recording studios,
technicians and native language testers integrate to ensure
flawless multimedia output for every project


In the digital era, more and more companies are turning to videos and multimedia to engage with their audience as it enables them to speak directly to people on a more personal level, to say more with less and engage with them in ways not always possible through standard text-based communications.

EQHO’s multimedia team has nearly two decades of experience delivering localized multimedia content across over 65 languages. As one of the pioneers of multimedia localization, we have built a strong reputation as a reliable and respected supplier of these solutions for companies across a variety of industry sectors. We’ve have had the privilege of helping some of the most influential organizations worldwide – both commercial and non-commercial, establish their brand.



of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching video content in their native language.

What we localize






Why choose EQHO?

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Premium recording studios

In-house studios and affiliate studios located worldwide  

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Turnkey solutions

Complex integration tasks and testing handled all under one roof 

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65 languages

Professional and entry-level solutions in all major commercial languages 


Access cutting-edge multimedia labs, in-house and in-country recording facilities and industry-leading expertise with EQHO’s turn-key solution.

Let us provide the full solution from text and audio content extraction, to transcription, translation, voiceovers, localized graphics, and testing of final rendered multimedia files


Looking for maximum impact? EQHO delivers premium quality VoiceOver for blockbuster games, TV and high-end corporate training.

Our in-house studios complemented by a global network of partners enables us to deliver hundreds of hours of audio each year in over 65 languages


Rapidly take your content to the market by adding local subtitles.

The fastest and most cost-effective method of localizing media, subtitling enables companies to meet the expectations of consumers at a faster rate and at lower cost.

Our portfolio

Key offerings

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Multilingual Voiceover

Voiceover artists in over 65 languages located throughout the world 

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Solutions for multiple purposes – from Netflix quality through to low budget productions 

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Corporate marcom, TV series, blockbuster movies, documentaries 

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Localization and Culturalization

More than translation, all localized content is screened to ensure that it makes the biggest impact in your target markets 

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Integrated solutions for video, courseware in all major development tools and applications 

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Multilingual testing in final output following carefully developed test plans 

Professional studios

Our professional in-house studio facilities enable us to provide a high-level of service and project control, while sticking to budgets and timescales. Affiliated in-country studios worldwide enable us to manage entire projects regardless of how uncommon the language set, how many languages there are and however short the deadline may be

Global resource network

Our network of in-country native language translators as well as our in-house voice artists and multimedia specialists, means we ensure a highly effective work-flow to integrate all elements of multimedia localization. This saves valuable time and money, allowing for greater speed and accuracy so that you can deliver a consistent and relevant multimedia brand experience

In-house localization testing

EQHO is also able to assemble in-house native testing teams, ideal for quality assurance tasks, such as aesthetic testing of commercial websites, software, and audiovisual products. Usually expensive and often presenting logistical as well as technical challenges, EQHO’s convenient location in a cosmopolitan Asian city enables us to provide effective solutions in over 50 languages at competitive prices

Customized approach

From our years of experience in the industry, we understand that each project is unique, so that’s why we take a customized approach to each and every assignment. Our team will work closely with you through every step of the process from script consultation through to casting, reviews, recording and testing. We have the latest equipment to ensure you are involved throughout the process – including phone patch and Skype in the studio and control rooms.


Get started with EQHO

We have an unrivalled team of in-house linguists and experts, which means we can ensure your multimedia project will be completed to the highest standard.

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