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EQHO’s tightly integrated in-house multimedia localization solutions give eLearning developers everything they need to roll-out high-quality multilingual courseware

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In-house. Turnkey.
eLearning Localization

eLearning localization projects by their very nature are full of moving parts – translation, voiceover, on-screen text, integration, publishing and testing – everything needs to be tightly integrated to ensure the best results. By taking complete project ownership of all of our eLearning localization projects, EQHO has helped some of the largest corporations, E-publishers and digital learning developers successfully roll-out global training programs and digital content simultaneously across global offices in up to 60 languages.

We don’t lose control by farming out project components left, right and center – instead we produce everything right here in the security of our own multimedia labs. With our digitized professional in-house recording facilities, ISO certified workflows, a skilled team of sound engineers and multimedia operators, complemented by a talent pool of over 2,000 professional translators, voice artists, language monitors, and in-house native testers; EQHO provides a comprehensive eLearning localization package.

What we localize

  • Computer-based training

  • Web-based training

  • Mobile learning

  • Instructor led trainings

  • Blended learning

  • Certification programs

  • Multimedia apps

  • Video

  • Learning Management Systems

Our Services

  • Localization engineering

  • Storyboard preparation

  • Script & OST translation

  • Voiceover & production

  • Dubbing & subtitles

  • Flash & Articulate

  • Lectora & Captivate

  • Compiling & publishing

  • Linguistic & Functional testing

Our experience speaks for itself. View our previous work to see how we help eLearning companies succeed, or check out our latest case study.

See how it’s done

  • We help companies engage with customers across multiple platforms and languages through high-quality localized content
    20 languages, 160 voice artists and just 2 weeks to roll it out
    Read case study…
  • Boost your brand value globally by delivering engaging and relevant customer experiences locally
    Taking BP Regionally, Then Globally
    Read the case study…
  • $0.09/word

    Flexibility and advice

    EQHO has the capability to produce fully localized, published, tested and ‘ready to go’ multimedia eLearning courses in over 50 languages in-house or we can simply work on individual components, we are at your disposal. Depending on whether you choose to outsource everything or you wish to conduct any localization components internally, we can also provide advice on internationalization elements. We can review your storyboards and associated project assets for translation, recording and integration ‘readiness’, so that it’s pain free when it comes time for you to rollout your courses.

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