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Southeast Asian localization company EQHO Communications Ltd. publishes full details of major organizational changes that took place at the start of this month.


EQHO has implemented a number of strategic changes to facilitate its rapid development. The Thailand-based language service provider has experienced growth averaging at 31% over the last 3 years.


Recently it announced the formation of EQHO International to make its localization services more accessible globally. Last year, EQHO Laos opened in Vientiane to expand its regional production capabilities. Employee numbers have increased by around 30% over the last 12 months.


EQHO has confirmed the following personnel appointments and organizational changes which came into effect on May 1st, 2013:


Mr. Ross Klinger (former Chief Executive Officer) has been appointed to the position of EQHO Group CEO.
Mrs. Phanitanan Sanitprachakorn (former Chief Operating Officer) has become President of EQHO Communications Ltd. She will also act temporarily as Vice President of Operations.
Mr. Richard O’Keeffe (former Sales Manager) is the new Vice President of Global Sales.
Mr. Steven Bussey (former Marketing Manager) is now the Vice President of Global Marketing.
Mr. John King (former Manager – Project Management) was appointed to the position of Vice President of Customer Services.
Mr. Sornsin T (former senior audio engineer) was appointed to the position of Audio Video Department Manager 
Mr. Shane Thompson (former Project Manager) was promoted to Localization Program Manager.
Mr. Mathias Poom (former Multimedia Project Manager) is the new Localization Program Manager for audio and multimedia localization accounts.


Ross Klinger said “The changes aim to bring synchrony and coordination of sales and marketing efforts throughout the EQHO Group. Appointing a VP of Customer Services will enhance the delivery and continuity of our client support service. These aspects are vital to our preparation for AEC 2016 and our capability to support the growth in demand for Asian localization services.”


“Restructuring will provide focused managerial support in specific growth areas such as Audio and Multimedia localization services. EQHO will also expand its in-house audio facilities with the addition of a second recording studio and control room, scheduled for completion in June 2013. Program Managers Shane Thompson and Mathias Poom will now oversee a growing team of project managers. In addition, EQHO intends to develop its project management capabilities in North America with the appointment of remote PMs.” 


Voted as one of the Common Sense Advisory’s top 20 Asia-based vendors, the company sponsored this year’s Localization World conference in Singapore. New VP of Global Marketing Steven Bussey was a guest speaker. He gave an insightful lecture on their experiences of opening for business in emerging Lao PDR. Excerpts of the presentation are set to be published in Multilingual Magazine in July 2013.


The company’s Chairman, Tomas Julin, added “Essentially, the restructure will enable EQHO to fully implement its expansion plans and facilitate growth in the future.”


About EQHO Communications

EQHO Communications – one of Southeast Asia’s largest independent localization firms, has over 80 in-house staff. Building on a well-educated labor base in Thailand, EQHO has created an internationally recognized localization firm specializing in the rarer Southeast Asian language services, as well as Chinese, Japanese and Korean. EQHO operates from a 1000-square-meter office in central Bangkok. With in-house linguists, multilingual DTP operators, localization & multimedia engineers, and on-site recording studios, EQHO offers an unrivalled level of service and rapid turnaround. Languages like Thai, Lao, Chinese, Vietnamese, Burmese and Khmer have character sets that pose unique challenges. For this reason, it is essential to have layout staff and native linguists under the same roof. Clients include: Acronis, SAS, Citrix, ABBYY, AVG, Dow, P&G, Siemens, Transocean, Shell, Michelin, Air France, Sheraton, Unilever, and many more. In addition to its Headquarters in
Bangkok, EQHO has facilities in Vientiane, Lao PDR, in addition to sales offices in Brno, Czech Republic, San Francisco, U.S.A and Sydney, Australia. In 2012, EQHO was ranked as a Top 20 Asia-based language service provider by Common Sense Advisory, the localization industry’s leading research organization.





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