EQHO Globalization marks 20 years of operations with the opening of their new Asian games localization division

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The new division will focus on providing turnkey localization services and consultation for developers launching games in Asia.

EQHO Globalization, one of Asia’s leading translation and localization service providers, today announced the launch of a new division, EQHO Games Localization. The division will specialize in providing World-Class games localization services to medium and large games developers entering into Asian markets.

“Currently worth $1.2 billion, it’s estimated that revenues in the Southeast Asian games market will double by 2017”, said EQHO’s Director of Global Marketing, Steven Bussey. “Having worked for some of the biggest games developers in the world and having seen a recent upsurge in Asian requests, we felt there was a niche for an already experienced all-service Asian localization firm specializing in games localization.”

Steven continued, “These regions are young – the majority of their populations are in the target age ranges for game playing – between 15 to 54 years old. It’s also estimated that these countries hold a total of 126.2 million gamers, 59.7 million of whom pay for the privilege, so it represents an amazing opportunity for us and our clients.”

Unlike other industries, where translators possess the skills to work on projects across multiple subject domains, games localization calls for a more specialized approach.

“At EQHO Games Localization we work with gamers who we train to translate, rather than translators who play games. They are trained by our resource team to use our translation technology, so that we can take advantage of all of the usual elements of a project. This approach simply works”, Kang Wee Peng, EQHO’s Chief Business Support commented.

Headed up by EQHO’s COO Yvan Hennecart, EQHO Games Localization provides solutions across a broad range of game genres, from mobile and casual games through to MMO and blockbusters.

To complement the launch, EQHO has release a new microsite www.games-localization.com, and an eBook, ‘The Strategy Guide to Winning in Asian Markets’. As well as containing information about EQHO’s suite of games localization services, the site and eBook are also intended to be a useful resource for developers looking to penetrate Asian markets – covering key topics such as Familiarization, Culturalization, Localization and Internationalization.

The eBook can be downloaded following this link. EQHO Globalization is headquartered in Singapore and employs 110 full-time employees across Asia, Europe and the US.
Major games developers such as EA, Blizzard Entertainment, and internet platform developer, Garena, feature among EQHO’s client list.

About EQHO Globalization
Headquartered in Raffles Place, Singapore, and with an end-to-end production centre in Thailand, EQHO delivers complex, multi-discipline translation and multilingual voice services used by numerous global brand leaders, including 23 of the Forbes Top 30 companies. In 2014, EQHO’s team of 3,500 linguists translated 45 million words into 63 languages and delivered 5,700 minutes of multilingual audio. Contact EQHO today for a free consultation.


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