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EQHO Communications, one of Southeast Asia’s leading localization service providers announces sponsorship of Localization World Singapore 2013.  Having recently opened a new branch in Vientiane, EQHO Communications will share first-hand experiences of their expansion into Laos.


Localization professionals from 40 countries will attend Localization World which takes place 10th-12th April 2013, at the Singapore Shangri-La Hotel.  International product and marketing executives from all sectors are invited to enhance their industry knowledge, network and meet language service and technology providers. 


The acclaimed industry event helps companies succeed globally, focusing on best business practices, marketing, global websites, translation and localization services.  EQHO’s presentation will offer valuable insights into what it’s like to do business in an emerging Asian economy.


‘Localization in a Shifting Global Economy’

Localization World Singapore will explore industry challenges in a changing worldwide economy.  This includes tapping into emerging markets, the impact of emerging Asian economies, how localization meets the challenges of today's global economy, meeting content demands, efficiency and technology. 


Unlike the West, Asian economies are continuing to grow.  Asia accounts for almost 20% of total global growth and attracts a third of foreign direct investment to all emerging markets.  Development is not dependent on the US or UK; as Asia’s emerging economies become wealthier, domestic demands and growth has increased significantly.


Laos is an up-and-coming player in the region, with an industrial growth rate of 17% – one of the top 5 in the World.  On the 2nd February 2013, the country announced its full membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO).  There are opportunities in energy, metallurgy, real estate and agriculture.  Investment is pouring into the country but business in a developing economy poses many challenges.

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Doing business in Asian emerging markets

A variety of high-caliber presentations and panel discussions will take place in Singapore this year.  Events will feature various emerging economies – why do business there, legal, cultural, geographical considerations and examples of successes and failures.


EQHO Communications recently opened a subsidiary in Vientiane, making it the first localization company to open for business in Lao PDR.  With over 20 in-house Lao linguists, they are positioned to meet the growing demand for translation and localization services.  The new branch opening presents a great case study of a first-hand ‘primitive’ emerging market experience. 


Marketing manager Steven Bussey will speak about doing business in emerging markets on Day 2 (Session A09).  Drawing on the company’s own experiences, the presentation will cover upsides and downsides of business in emerging Asian countries.  He will report on the status of Laos, opportunities and challenges of rapid industrial development, how this is driving the need for localization, the current translation industry and practicalities for global organizations.


Bussey commented “As active supporters of the Asian localization industry, EQHO aims to promote Asia as a hub for localization. We hope to see it as a permanent fixture on the Localization World calendar.”   

See the full program of events at Localization World Singapore


About EQHO

EQHO Communications Ltd is a key Asian language supplier, specializing in Southeast Asian languages, and emerging Asian markets.  As one of the largest independent Southeast Asian vendors, they provide multilingual voice-over and multimedia localization services to many of the Top 50 localization companies, plus a number of strategic Asia-based customers.


Recently listed in the Top 20 Asian vendors by the Common Sense Advisory, EQHO has experienced significant growth for the past 3 years, averaging 31% annually.  With headquarters in Bangkok, they are actively involved in many community-based localization initiatives including classes conducted at Chulalongkorn University and the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTTC).  The company sponsors Translators without Borders, supports The Media Alliance and assists other NGO’s.


Localization World Singapore will be attended by Steven Bussey (Marketing Manager), Richard O’Keeffe (Sales Manager), Cillia Bettus (Business Development Manager, APAC, Russia & South Asia) Phanitanan Thompson (COO) and Tomas Julin (Chairman).

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