Have you got a global content strategy?

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Speaking to your audience is vitally important if you want to keep them engaged. 

Companies need to establish a relationship with their customer base and this is why a global content strategy will always have a role to play. 

A study by Demand Metrics has found that 78 per cent of chief marketing officers think custom content is the future of marketing, so it would be remiss of organizations to overlook this function.

While companies put time and money into preparing for business meetings in a foreign country, the same effort is not given to the content they are producing to interact with customers. 

Bearing this in mind, here are five tips for creating the perfect global content strategy:

Research the market
A scatterbrain approach to a global strategy is a surefire way to fail. Instead, you should be looking to focus your efforts on the market where you are already attracting good levels of traffic. For example, rolling out a strategy in the country you are quite prevalent in can act as a good trial run. By regularly reviewing your progress, all lessons learned can be factored in when it comes to expanding the strategy to other languages.

Consider your timing
Creating the right content is not enough, as you also have to think about when is the best time to deploy this content as well. Research shows that Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the best days to upload to LinkedIn, while between 9 AM and 3 PM is best for Twitter. You also need to factor in time differences, which is why it is a good idea to draft up an editorial calendar. Consider country-specific events too, as these provide an opportunity to create topical or seasonal content that will resonate with the target audience. 

Use local talent
Grammatical or linguistic faux pas will not enhance your brand’s reputation. While you may have people at your company who have an understanding of a language, this doesn’t mean they know about cultural concepts, different tastes and humor. The only way to guarantee top-quality content for local markets is to hire experts (Hint: We can do it!). By localizing and adapting the content to the culture of your target audience, you can make a real difference to your business. 

Social media can be your friend
In today’s digital age, social media has become an essential part of any marketing strategy. Whether it is for promotions or as a customer service tool, the medium has a big role to play when it comes to international success. While in major markets – such as the UK or US – LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter will dominate your thoughts, but do not be afraid to look for language-specific solutions too. For example, Xing should be used in German-speaking countries.

Consistency of content is key
The same content topics or themes should be applicable to all of your target audiences. Presenting a consistent message will help you to improve brand exposure and generate greater levels of trust and loyalty. However, make sure local talent still have the freedom to be creative when addressing people in different languages. 


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