How to Optimize Your Website Investment?

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When it comes to building a website, there are several factors to consider: budget, time, features, content, etc…

The first thing that comes to mind is… How to spend your money wisely for each element of the website? Our Website Development Team has the answer for you. Together with Alex, EQHO’s Web Developer, the key members of EQHO’s WebDev team are Pui, Project Manager, and Tle, our Front-end Developer.

Within 2 years, EQHO WebDev has successfully completed several projects, including both corporate websites and eCommerce sites.

Meet EQHO Website Development Team

Alex-Web Developer | Pui-Project Manager | Tle-Front-end Developer

According to Alex, the first factor to consider in website development and design depends on its purposes – what is the website for?

For corporate sites, the main focus should be on design. Corporate image is the selling point, it makes that all-important first impression. This is essentially the marketing element that a company employs to better reach and hold its target audience. In the case of web applications with high traffic or high performance requirements, the design is not the primary focus; rather, it’s development of the architecture.

If a site has a throughput of a million requests per second, then it’s imperative to invest in an architecture that can handle the traffic. For an eCommerce site or marketplace, it’s more a matter of investing in the UX/UI. The priority here is to optimize the flow of sales – the ease with which a customer navigates the entire process of buying the products or services offered on the website.

EQHO can provide a customized platform that is flexible enough to meet the majority of client requirements in terms of functionality.

“At EQHO WebDev, we don’t do grab-and-go websites. We take into consideration the client’s actual needs and the users’ journey, then design & build the website accordingly. We make every effort to understand the client’s true requirements.” Pui, Project Manager

“From my point of view as a front-end developer, with constantly learning new computer languages and web programming languages on a daily basis comes the joy of overcoming the challenges faced by our clients. We love to develop key features for our clients’ websites – think together, learn together, and grow together with our clients.” Tle, Front-end Developer

Whether your company is preparing to release a corporate website worldwide, or wishing to realize the full potential of your existing products at the international level via eCommerce, the Website Development team at EQHO can help.

EQHO’s expertise in localization is also one of our USP’s. This allows us to produce multilingual websites that speak to a broader range of website visitors while taking into consideration the cultural context, along with all the other details inherent in localization.

For any inquiries, or if you would like to schedule a free consultation with EQHO Website Development, you are welcome to reach out to us at


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