Meet Juthawasu and Sirinda: Our Employees of the Year

Press and News7 October 20143.5k

Here at EQHO we know we have some of the best staff in the localization business.

So every once in a while it's good to say thank you and this is why we established the Best Employee of the Year Award. It seeks to formally recognize and honor outstanding contributions by employees who demonstrate extra efforts and have a positive effect on colleagues and goals.

Such is the high calibre of our staff that two winners have actually been named for 2014 – senior QA inspector Sirinda Tarangsoi​ and senior project manager Juthawasu Chetchumlong from the CS department.

Sirinda ​has been with us for four years and has extensive QA knowledge and experience. A real team player – she even spent her reward on food for her colleagues! – with a high attention to detail, she is always willing to share her knowledge with other employees.

When asked about her success, Sirinda ​said she was "honored" and that it has given her additional motivation to deliver excellent customer service. She views her most important job as making sure clients receive a high-quality product on time.

Juthawasu was equally delighted to have been recognized, and she revealed the secret to her success is good old fashioned hard work and determination. 

Her number one piece of advice is to have an open mind, as there are always new things happening in the localization industry. She also values those who ask for help, as she thinks seeking support when it is needed is very important to self-improvement. 

Juthawasu was nominated by her manager due to her ability to be both responsive and reliable for client and co-workers. Thanks to her can-do attitude, aptitude for learning and excellent communication skills, she has been able to gain promotion to a high position in a relatively short period of time. 

Congratulations to both of our winners, they are truly inspirational!


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