Multilingual Voiceover Provider Introduces 50 Language Online Voice Bank

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EQHO Communications has just introduced a new 50+ language online voiceover bank. Designed to provide a convenient online platform from which clients can select voiceover artists. It covers all major Asian and European languages, multiple dialects and accents. Samples of hundreds of professional voice artists can be played and shortlisted. The list displays the artist’s name, gender, and voice style, with the option to download.

EQHO’s voiceover and multimedia division serves high profile clients in education, training, marketing, broadcasting and other sectors. The company is also a key supplier to many of the localization industry’s top 50 language service providers. It offers multilingual voiceover services for all types of productions. The online voice over sample bank allows clients to browse EQHO’s talent and choose the best voice suited to their project. Styles include:

Narration – for eLearning localization, documentary, and corporate communications.
Commercial – for infomercials, commercials, marketing, and ‘IVR’ (Interactive Voice Recognition).
Storytelling – for education and training.

Voiceover and multimedia localization expansion
The voice bank is part of an extensive growth and development plan for EQHO’s voiceover and multimedia localization departments. Multilingual voiceover accounted for almost 20% of the company’s overall revenue in 2012, and 10% in 2011. Growth is staggering, up 63% from 2011.

In anticipation of further increases in demand, EQHO recently announced that it will be increasing the number of recording studios and control rooms at its headquarters in Bangkok. With over 600 local voice artists, script directors and quality assurance staff, the company has the capacity to undertake 99% of projects in-house. Some hard-to-source languages will continue to be handled at affiliated studios worldwide.

Conducting voiceover projects entirely in-house guarantees meticulous quality control. EQHO have recently been awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification which involved the implementation of ISO quality management standards within the division. Processes have been audited and improved and to ensure high levels of client satisfaction.

EQHO’s unique process set its voiceover services apart from competitors. Three native language speakers are involved in each production to ensure exceptional quality. A native voice artist, script director, and quality assurance professional, work collaboratively to ensure the highest possible standards. The company can also offer its clients a full multimedia localization service including Flash, Articulate, Lectora, Video, HTML5.

About EQHO Communications

EQHO Communications – one of Southeast Asia’s largest independent localization firms, has over 80 in-house staff. Building on a well-educated labor base in Thailand, EQHO has created an internationally recognized localization firm working in all major commercial languages, including rarer Southeast Asian language services, as well as Chinese, Japanese and Korean. EQHO operates from a 1000-square-meter office in central Bangkok. With in-house linguists, multilingual DTP operators, localization & multimedia engineers, and on-site recording studios, EQHO offers an unrivalled level of service and rapid turnaround. Languages like Thai, Lao, Chinese, Vietnamese, Burmese and Khmer have character sets that pose unique challenges. For this reason, it is essential to have layout staff and native linguists under the same roof. Clients include: Acronis, SAS, Citrix, ABBYY, AVG, Dow, P&G, Siemens, Transocean, Shell, Michelin, Air France, Sheraton, Unilever, and many more. In
addition to its Headquarters in Bangkok, EQHO has facilities in Vientiane, Lao PDR, in addition to sales offices in Brno, Czech Republic, Los Angeles, U.S.A and Sydney, Australia.



Are your translation solutions scalable?

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