Project V Goes Live – Your Global Voiceover Platform for Media Production

Voiceover & Multimedia12 January 2024247

We’ve got some major news – Project V is officially LIVE! This isn’t just another launch; it’s a game-changer in the world of premium voiceover services for media production, and we’re excited to share this news with you.

Launched in January 2024, Project V is a global digital platform dedicated to providing voiceover and multimedia production services using authentic human voices.

In response to the evolving media landscape, we recognized the need for a solid multilingual audio solution, and Project V is our answer.

The Problem:

Let’s get straight to it – we’ve learned that AI-generated voices, while impressive, lack the authentic touch that only real voices can provide. Artificial voices replicate words but struggle to capture the subtle intonations, rhythm, and variations that make human communication genuine.

With over 25 years of experience in multilingual voiceovers, media production, and multimedia localization, EQHO knows your premium media projects deserve better than the usual, the common, and the trending stuff. That’s why EQHO creates Project V.

The Solution:

No more settling for average. Project V is our way of saying goodbye to robotic voiceovers. We’re connecting you with real, authentic human voices to give your media projects a genuine touch. Tasked with conveying complex emotions, sarcasm, humor, or empathy – areas where the human touch is irreplaceable – Project V is our answer to the authenticity problem.

What’s Up with Project V:

  • Premium Thai Voiceovers: Explore premium Thai voiceovers. These aren’t just voices; they’re real voice talents from all corners of the media industry in Thailand, bringing a unique and solid experience to your multimedia projects.
  • Tailored for Niche Markets: Your business is advanced, and your voiceovers should be too. Project V caters to niche markets, ensuring your projects stand out with voiceovers that match your style, whether it’s for TVCs, video games, or corporate marketing media products.
  • Global Reach: While Thai takes the spotlight, Project V is all about going global. Connect with top-tier voiceover artists worldwide for that international touch.

Ready to bring authenticity back to your projects? Head to to check out Project V.

We’re not just launching a platform; we’re starting a new era of awesome voiceovers.


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