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EQHO provides fast, affordable and high quality Thai translation services by native speaking translation teams located in Thailand

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We give you increased results – every time!

Use our expertise to meet the expectations of your Thailand customers and employees. After we translate your global content, we help you to refine it in order to make it even better. Better still, if you would like us to, we’ll help you to enhance your localization processes to turn your organization into a localization superstar – for free.


Communicate perfectly in your target market's local languageCommunicate perfectly in your target market’s local language – In-country professional Thai translators speak the same lingo as your customers and know which buttons to push.

Reach more potential clientsReach more potential clients – Quality translations rich in keywords will ensure your pages are found by the people you are targeting, on all devices.

Automated solutions for quick resultsAutomated solutions for quick results – Automated solutions will result in consistent messaging at speed, and at reduced cost, so you can enjoy higher ROI, and with far less effort.


Localized content simply works better

Why do you need to localize? English might often be thought of as a ‘universal language’, but the truth is 75% of the world’s population speak no English at all – and only 6% are native English speakers. Unsurprisingly 70% of people are more likely to buy online from websites in their native language. So if you want to connect with a global audience, English-only products are unlikely to get the job done.

Our process – Thai Localization

Success Stories

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It’s been a pleasure working with EQHO. The courtesy displayed by the PM’s, the fast response times and on-time deliveries are just a few of the things that make our lives easier. Thanks to the proactive approach of EQHO’s team and ongoing discussions on how processes and workflows could be improved, we are able to meet our demanding goals.


Petr Muzikai
Localization Department, AVG

Trusted by some of the biggest names in global business

When it comes to Thai globalization, many of the most well-known brands are powered by EQHO’s translations, including:

EQHO never scored below 99% in IBMs strict testing processes Amadeus Siemens-Logo-Inbrief BMW-Logo-Inbrief
Symantec-Logo-Inbrief Expedia BP-Logo-Inbrief IKEA-Logo-Inbrief

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What sets us apart?

Seamless communications in every language

We help you connect with your Thai audience by attuning your message to the local market. Documents, software, web or print – we’ve got you covered.

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