Translation, past, present and future

Global Trends, Translation & Localization27 June 20163.8k

Inline with the rise of computer technology, the Translation and Localization industry has kept pace. Moving from Paper + Pen + Fax to Computers + Printers + Internet. Today, it is unimaginable when Translation and Localization are done outside the computer. However, the maturity and knowledge of the clients towards the industry is certainly mixed.

We have the absolutely savvy clients who will use Content Management Systems (CMS) and Computer Aided Translation (CAT) technology to improve the consistency and turn-around time of their Translation/Localization projects. Clients who often take it as an after thought. This gap in the maturity and knowledge of clients towards the Localization process is creating lots of challenges, as well as opportunities for MLVs, SLVs and all entities involved in the industry. At EQHO, we can and will support all types of clients regardless of their maturity and complexity in Localization. We do our best to share the best practices and provide solutions that will meet our clients’ needs.

As of now, even complex Translation Management Systems (TMS) that Enterprise level Multi-National Corporations are using may be obsolete very soon. With the advancement in Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Personal Assistants and other new technologies, we may just see the Star Wars C3PO droid being produced in the next 10 years. Till then, Keep Calm and stay tuned. Call EQHO for all your Translation and Localization needs for now and the future! 



Are your translation solutions scalable?

As experts in Asian localization and translation services, with more 20 years of experience, EQHO is the ideal choice. To find out more about how localization can benefit your business, or to get started, contact us today.

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