Voice Artists

Portuguese (Brazil) audio productions:

  • eLearning & training courses

  • Education recordings

  • Corporate training

  • Marketing presentations

  • Movies

  • Documentaries

  • Narrations

  • Games

  • Commercials

  • Infomercials

  • Media rich websites

  • eBooks

  • IVR & messages on hold

Complementary Portuguese (Brazil) services:

  • Script translation

  • Script formatting

  • Script time-coding

  • Pronunciation guide creation

  • Flash and multimedia localization

  • Subtitling & closed captions

  • Desktop publishing & graphics localization

  • Linguistic & functional testing

Portuguese (Brazil) voiceover for language vendors

Whether you are a single language vendor or a multilingual vendor just like us, EQHO can handle all of the necessary project components. From initial file prep and project scoping, through to transcription, script preparation, translation, recording and delivery, EQHO can provide the full suite of services, providing your PM's with ease of mind and enabling them to focus on other tasks.

Portuguese (Brazil) voiceover: Types of recordings

EQHO offers a wide range of audio recording solutions. From single talent eLearning productions, documentary narrations, infomercials, to multi-character, multi-language productions with 5 or more talents per language, EQHO has the talent range and versatility to accommodate your Portuguese (Brazil) voiceover project. 'Cold' (untimed) recordings for Flash built eLearning courses, to 'warm' (scene synchronized) recordings which require the audio to accurately fit video scenes, to 'hot' (lip-synchronized) recordings where the lip-movements must match those of the character or interviewee on-screen, EQHO has the facilities in the studio to apply the necessary timings to fit your project Portuguese (Brazil) voiceover requirements.

Portuguese (Brazil) subtitling

EQHO works with all video files, DVDs,Portuguese (Brazil) closed caption, open captions and text formats. We've subtitled for animations, corporate presentations, health and safety videos and more! ?

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