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Localization Engineer


  • Support Localization Engineering tasks, including pre-engineering, word count analyses, post-engineering, glossary extraction, TM maintenance, bug fixing.

  • Provide support and advise CS team on the best approach to complete the project

  • Patriciate in problem-solving of assigned project

  • Develop new tools such as small applications or scripts to improve efficiency

  • Be compliant with the EQHO and relevant ISO standards.

  • Estimate and validate working time required for LE tasks of easy to medium difficulty

  • Perform LE QA / QC task to ensure quality



  • Responsive and Responsible

  • Good communication skills

  • Strong willingness to learn new things

  • Good attention to details

  • Able to communicate in English both written and spoken

  • Advanced PC knowledge

  • Knowledge in Macros, scripting, or programming

  • Basic Web Technologies

  • 1+ years of work experience or fresh graduate.

  • Bachelor Degree in computer science or localization-related field

  • Programing language such as PHP, Perl, Python, VBA, Javascript, Google App Script, Regular Expression etc.

  • Basic Mobile app development would be a plus

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